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Help the Youth Succeed

In Jacksonville, FL there are approximately 4,057,773 children that are under 18 years old.  A lot of our youth has no guidance or hope to the near future. They need a  foundation and a push to help them see what potential they have to become what they desire.

I found as an young artist, poet, and freelance photographer that has so many talents to branch from, I never knew where to start. There are not enough youth programs for free in Jacksonville,  FL. There are not many ambassadors to give children a lead way for the future. I know I can help guide our children in right direction and show them what they truly are.

This Donation will be going towards a rental for a building and the set up for showcasing their art and allowing talents to be heard. This program will be for ages 5 – 21.





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Of Books and Reading

Hmmm so I am the Hungry Reader. The one who reads. The one who is constantly reading or wanting to read constantly. This blog is all about the books I have read, the ones that I am reading and gems that I plan to read in the future or whenever it arrives.

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