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ARCHOS ARNOVA GBOOK 7″ Capacitive Touch Screen VC0882 Android 4.0 4GB Tablet PC Black

Equipped with Vimicro VC0882 single-core professor, the ARNOVA 7″ 800*480 / Vimicro VC0882 Single-Core / 512M / 4G Tablet PC will give you wonderful portable experience. The high-resolution 7-inch capacitive color LCD touch screen allows you to touch comfortably and precisely. In addition, the gravity sensor is flexible. It supports video playback formats such as AVI, FLV, RM, RMVB, MP4, MKV and MOV. The image formats include JPEG, BMP, GIF, and PNG. Its music playback formats have MP3, FLAC, OGG and WAV. Thus, you are able to choose the video playback format, image format and music playback format depending on your favor. Just carry the tablet PC, and enjoy yourself at anytime and anywhere.


  • Give you wonderful enjoyment
  • The 7 inch screen has nice screen resolution to making it easier to view documents and books
  • Capacitive touch screen gives you amazing touching experience
  • Slim thickness, it can easily fit into your bag
  • ALP (Auto Low Power) energy saving technique, the standby time is up to 96 hours
  • You can use this tablet PC to watch movie, listen to the music, read novel, chat with your friends, play games and so on
  • It is ideal for business people on the go, students, children and home users
  • With flexible gravity sensor


General Specs
System Android 4.0
CPU VC0882, Cortex-A8
CPU Speed/Processor Clock Speed 1.0GHZ
GPU Mali-400
RAM Memory 512MB
Hard Drive Capacity 4GB
Extend Card TF Card, up to 32GB
Screen Size 7″
Resolution 800*480
Touch Screen Type Capacitive Touch Screen
Additional Features/Functions
I/O 3.5mm jack, Micro USB, TF Card Slot
Audio Format MP3, FLAC, OGG, WAV
Video Format AVI, FLV, RM, RMVB, MP4, MKV, MOV
Picture Format JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG
Office Software EPUB, PDF
Languages Chinese, English
Other Feature Gravity sensor
Flash Support
Wi-fi Support
Battery & Power
Battery Lithium Battery
Charger Standard USB Cable
Full Working Time Ebook 8 hours, Video 7 hours, Audio 12 hours
Charging Time 3-4 hours
Standby Time 96 hours
Product Details
Dimensions 7.72 x 4.59 x 0.45″ / 19.6 x 11.67 x 1.15 cm (L x W x H)
Weight 14.78 oz / 419 g
Color Black

Package Includes

  • 1 x Tablet PC
  • 1 x USB Cable



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The Beginning

13 was puberty

That year was bitter sweet

I admit it got the best of me

14 was training that when I met the streets

And they persuaded me to start slanging

Who ever knew, that I was failing

Now 15 hit the spot that when time started to

Tick tock

Because everything on my body became hot

Who ever thought I’d be the first to pop one


16 a package was delivered

And my life became this blizzard

But I never let life hit me with a twister cause,

My strength was stronger than that blizzard

(to be continued)

Hi Word Press Friends!

I bring to you the first cover for Envy Me Magazine. Envy Me is organization that wants to bring eyes to talent. The goal is to discover talent of Poets, Writers, Photographers, & more and make sure they are seen and heard. This is great for Youth who’s dreams is to become a writer or artist of some sort.

Today Envy Me would like your opinion on the first cover. Word Press friends and family. Please “Like If you truly feel this is a great start. Thank you for your participation.

Envy Me

Tell me what I went to hear

Make me glow and my eyes glitter

Lay me a wrath of roses

Make my heart beat as if you just presented me

With our proposal

-Send my mind through its wildest fantasies

Allow your words to be a disease and infect me

And now I’m weak

-Touch my hottest spots with out a finger

Make my legs shake and my heart quiver

As I watch you shiver

-Expose my alter ego

Show me something that I don’t know

Rub me with a single rose

Make me feel ecstasy….

Help the Youth Succeed

In Jacksonville, FL there are approximately 4,057,773 children that are under 18 years old.  A lot of our youth has no guidance or hope to the near future. They need a  foundation and a push to help them see what potential they have to become what they desire.

I found as an young artist, poet, and freelance photographer that has so many talents to branch from, I never knew where to start. There are not enough youth programs for free in Jacksonville,  FL. There are not many ambassadors to give children a lead way for the future. I know I can help guide our children in right direction and show them what they truly are.

This Donation will be going towards a rental for a building and the set up for showcasing their art and allowing talents to be heard. This program will be for ages 5 – 21.


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Sneak Preview


Words that just flow, ones that just take your breath

After a short quote.

Words that make you think rationally, biblically, outside

Your natural mentality

That’s true philosophy

Speak deep and true

But speak it smooth

You speak it through the wise and the youth and assuring that its beautiful

Speaking with confidence

They trusting you to be provident 

Until its Gone

“Time” told you that you could wild out for a lil while longer

“Time” said this allows the next person to become a stronger person

But “Time” never said if there would be consequences

And how much of a consequence you would have to deal with

“For The Moment”, said it was great and all

But I guess it’s time you received this call.


See Time told me that it’s time to open my eyes and see….

I need to let go…..

I talked to “The future” which is who I live for

Cause “For The Moment” never gave me true love and support.

See Time allowed you to keep sleeping on excuses

Everything you did to hurt me was a choice

And now it’s something you have to deal with


But I guess it’s true when they say

You never know what you have until it’s gone

I hope you hear singing Monica song

Cause that’s that whole in your heart that can never be replaced.

See I dealt with “Time & Pain” while you played these silly games

So since I’ve closed this door in your face

It’s as if we traded places

It’s your turn to deal with the “Time & Pain”

And I’ve been smiling since I walked away.

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Picture My Poetry.

Picture My Poetry

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Understand me (Click here and than double click on the audio within this document so you can hear it. And get the flow of the poem.) Thanks!

I made a lot of choices

Not knowing the consequences

I wasn’t forced

But I felt pain and remorse

My mistakes can’t be replaced

And I still have issues I need to face

Running away won’t help

And TIME is someone you can’t race

My intensions is to make ever one happy

By sacrificing my happiness

Unfortunately my intensions always have subliminal twist

Now my life is a mess

I feel like I’ve een deceived

By everyone except me

Feeling lke everybody owe me something

Feeling like people should cherish me like a marriage ring

Instead they hold on to me like a thin string

To hold in all thoughts, feelings, and anger

Makes me feel like a stranger

A stranger to myself

I can’t breathe

It’s time to release

I need to take a breath……..

Deep thoughts and emotions

I got a box sitting inside of me that contains a deadly explosion.

My past has haunted and created me

I wonder will I ever be that precious girl again

Or wilL I have to deal with the new me

The outsiders don’t understand

Who I am

Nor do they give a damn

Sick of my loved ones Not supporting my struggle

Instead of them loving they hating on my hustle…..

My mind so damaged from lies and conspiracies

That I’ve had to balance

And now I’m scared to know how love feels again

Even if it came from my children or even a friend

My mind is always twisting and turning

Hoping that the next stranger would accept me for who I is

Keep your eyes off my appearance

Just take me and I’ll be you experiment

But I refuse to put my heart in it.

Because I don’t want to ever know love again

Even it was mother or a friend.




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This geese was very bold to run in front of my car… Because he survived I took pictures o him and his family!




This is important i’m trying to build a portfolio to start an art gallery please LMS if you truly like. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!


the secretion of art by Rhian Ferrer

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