Our life is combative with itself

Life fights for the good and bad of our health

Life is either even or uneven with itself

It assures we take the bad for the good 

And the good for the bad

We have to learn from our mistakes to live

But every once in a while another soul teaches us how

To live

We have to understand we can’t be successful or

Achieve in life on our own

Sometimes it takes for another soul to be our back bone

We try to go to sleep at night hoping that when we wake

Up our lives will be perfect

But it’s just hope that replaces the feelings of the

Seconds, minutes or maybe hours before

We have to remember that life wouldn’t be life without

A journey of mistakes

And in less those mistakes have a destination there could

Be no journey

Than life will be nothing

But if we learn to strive, achieve and have a touch of desire….

If we stop standing in the cold and walk through our toughest fires…

If we follow our destiny and walk down this journey

To prepare yourself for life

Life cannot win

Preparing your self can only make you and life even.